First single. Brand new video – “In Front Of You”

This is our first single and brand new video for the song “In Front Of You”.

The video is shot in Berlin and camera work was done by Jacob Tjellesen. Edited by GotFat Productions.


Thank you!

Skærmbillede 2017-03-26 kl. 18.27.50Thank you. I think that’s the only  thing I can say right now. Thanks to Mia – the best sound engineer in the world. Thanks to Kevin who did and awesome job with the lights. Thanks to Addi that made the last leg of the tour a blast. Thanks to “Prisen” and “Fjætte” who made us laugh while selling merch. Thanks to the crew of Bad Religion for being so friendly and thanks to Bad Religion for giving us this opportunity. It has been a true pleasure.

It was tough, but an amazing experience. I cannot remember the last time we drove so much and slept so little. Slept in the car, on the floor, on seats, no sleep at all. But it was fun. I would do it any time again.

Being in a band is special. You are doing the things you love with your best friends. Broadway Killers is a team. A team that believe in the same values, ideas and music. Thank you guys for being so damn awesome.

Love, Jakob

Ps. Photo by Toenissen

Ready for the second half

BROADWAY_KILLERS_2013_V015We are ready. It is the last leg of the tour and ahead of us is thousand of kilometres and great memories.  The next days we will play:

Tuesday June 24th: Les Docks (Lausanne, CH
Wednesday June 25th: Tivoli (Utrecht, NL)
Thursday June 26th: Huxley’s Neu Welt (Berlin, D)
Friday June 27th: White Trash (Berlin, D)

The past shows have given fantastic experiences and we cannot wait to get on the stage again. You can see pictures from Frankfurt, Brussels and Oslo here.

See you soon and stay tuned – I’m leaving now.

Hell Yeah!

DSC_5922aHell yeah! That is the most fitting headline to this post. Two amazing shows in Frankfurt and Brussels wrapped up a fantastic weekend. Maybe the most memorable one in the history of our little group.

One thing is to be on tour with a band you admire and respect, like the case is with Bad Religion. Another thing is to visit great venues, play in front of big crowds and get the feeling that people like what they hear, though they never heard of Broadway Killers before. That feeling and the feeling of “pulling it off” is awesome.

Writing these words, I have to thank our crew – Mia, Kevin and Morten “Prisen”. Without you it would not be half as great and half as fun. So dear audience, when you stand in the crowd and enjoy the sound and light, do not forget to send Mia and Kevin a high five.

Finally… We can only hope that the places we visit and the people at the venues in Oslo, Lausanne, Utrecht and Berlin are just as friendly as people in Frankfurt and Brussels. We really enjoyed the stay.

Next up is Oslo, june 11th. We played well this weekend. We gave all we had and we will keep on giving the best we got. To down, four to go. Only four to go… unfortunately.

See you soon

Ready to go!

BROADWAY_KILLERS_2013_V018It’s 7:30 am and we’re on our way to Batschkapp, Frankfurt. First small leg of the tour with Bad Religion starts now. Thousands of kilometres are waiting a head and so are unforgettable experiences. This is why we play music – to get these priceless moments together as best friends doing what we love. Stay tuned,  we’ll keep you updated.

– Jakob

Bad Religion tour 2014



We are more than proud to announce that we have been invited to join Bad Religion on several clubs show on their forthcoming spring and summer tour.  It all started after our show with the guys a year ago and we are thrilled to finally fulfil what we have been working on for so long. The dates are as follows:

Thursday May 29th: Batschkapp (Frankfurt Am Main, D)
Saturday May 31st: Ancienne Beligique (Brussels, B)
Wednesday June 11th: Rockefella (Oslo, N)
Tuesday June 24th: Les Docks (Lausanne, CH
Wednesday June 25th: Tivoli (Utrecht, NL)
Thursday June 26th: Huxley’s Neu Welt (Berlin, D)

“My favorite newest new group is Broadway Killers”


When I turned 10 my mom and dad gave me a drum kit. That was all I got. They told me I could keep it or give it back and get more presents for the money I would get in return. I kept it – no doubt in my mind. At that time I was already in love with rock ‘n’ roll music. My dad is a music teacher and our home was filled with records with The Beatles, The Stones, Chuck Berry, Elvis – you name it. Rock ‘n’ roll turned into grunge which led the way into punk rock music.

I was fifteen when I bought my first Bad Religion record. A band that stood for integrity, knowledge, great lyrics and amazing melodies and harmonies. A true inspiration since that day.

I’m 32 now. I have a band with my best friends that I love more than anything. However, that does not mean others do. Especially not my heroes.  So when I read these words…:

“My favorite newest new group is out of Denmark and they’re called Broadway Killers. They played a couple of shows with us, and I just went out and watched them play and they’re three guys from different bands who put this band together because they didn’t really seem to get along with what they were doing in their other bands and this thing clicked for them. I watched them play and I told them, “You guys are really good, as good as anything that I have ever seen.” They’re super passionate, super willing to be creative and do shit that’s way out of the norm”.

… from a man and a band that I respect so much, well… then you can guess how I feel. The fact that we have been invited to join them on the European tour this summer is even bigger.

I’m from a small town in Denmark called Grindsted. Anything is possible. Just sayin’. Read the entire interview here.

Thank you mr. Bentley.
Love, Jakob