Target Group/Mighty Music
Christian Beyer
+45 27 89 16 30


Anna-Marie Langer
Sasha Vadillo-Bilda
+49 (0)40 432 08 44 0


Jakob Thalund Møller
+45 61 67 98 28


4 Comments on “Contact

  1. Are You Kidding?!?

    This is absolutely the greatest … no … forget it … I cant put it to words,

    I heard you in radio1 on Saturday for the first time… was delivering pizza like every weekend and was slightly pissed I don’t live in Berlin anymore and so missed a gig, I’d liked to have seen. Your gig!

    So today, I started my spotify-app to take a closer … look? What the f**k!!! I’ve been dancing around here for all of the 26+ minutes of your album and I’m over 50 years old! You made my day!

    Thank you guys, and keep on doing what you told you’ll do… making the music you like… I like it, shit no! I love it!


    PS album bought

    • Hello Rober!

      Thank you very much for the kind words and I hope our will keep make you dancing. We’ll come back to Germany and Berlin, so you’ll get another chance to dance at a venue near you. Hopefully.

      We’re glad our music have that effect on you.
      Best, Jakob

      • Thx Jakob!

        A day not listening to those damn great songs is a day wasted!
        Gimme a ring (send me a message) when you’re in the vicinity of Berlin. I wouldn’t want to miss you again. 😉

    • Hi Robert! I know this is almost two years too late, I just want to say thank you so much for you comment. I hope you this day still enjoy our music. We are soon done with our second album. We believe it will be out this fall. Have a great night, Jakob

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