Still alive!


Dear friends

No more radio silence. We are ready for the next chapter as we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. The recordings are done, and we are right now in the fase of mixing, finding the right sound for the album. We told you it would be a different record from our first one – and it will be. Everything from the songs, the sound, the producer and the studio have changed. In the process we did not want to live up to any style, genre or expectations. We did what felt right, always pushing to create something new.

Sebastian has as a person, producer and songwriter been a huge inspiration and opened our eyes to how a record can be made. Basically turning the whole thing upside down. To you it might sound like just another rock album, but to us it was a totally new experience.

So… when will it be released? We aim for a late summer release. This stage in the process is tricky. Some songs are done after the first mix. Others take four to five takes. We will of course keep you updated.

It feels amazing to finally tell you the news and get the machine going again. We cannot wait to let you hear the result. And to play them live.

Emil, Anders and Jakob

Ps. During the recordings both Sebastian and our dear guitarist Anders became fathers. Life!




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