Debut album is out now!


We are thrilled. We are excited. We are proud. Our album is out now! It’s been a long time, we worked hard, but everything has fallen into place and though we have made tough decisions, we made the right decisions. Some of you – especially all the believers from Sellaband, who supported us and made this record possible – have waited a long time. We really, truly hope you like the result. More than any other thing is this your record.

On the record we have worked with our long time friend, Jacob Bredahl, who has made all our recordings and enjoyed time in his Dead Rat Studio. Best guy EVER. We have great friends featured on the album. Ben from Three Chord Society, Matze from Heisskalt are joining us. Furthermore, Justin Sane from Anti-Flag made his appearance on “Blessings And Sins”.

It’s an understatement to say that we are grateful.
Love, Emil, Anders and Jakob

1) Nothing = Nothing
2) Never Gonna
3) In Front of You
4) With Broken Fingers She Plays
5) With Every Lowdown Comes A Song
6) Blessings And Sins (feat. Justin Sane)
7) Inhale/Exhale
8) Whatcha’ Say
9) Last Call
10) Don’t Blame Me! Complaining! (feat. Ben & Matze)



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