Thank you!

Skærmbillede 2017-03-26 kl. 18.27.50Thank you. I think that’s the only  thing I can say right now. Thanks to Mia – the best sound engineer in the world. Thanks to Kevin who did and awesome job with the lights. Thanks to Addi that made the last leg of the tour a blast. Thanks to “Prisen” and “Fjætte” who made us laugh while selling merch. Thanks to the crew of Bad Religion for being so friendly and thanks to Bad Religion for giving us this opportunity. It has been a true pleasure.

It was tough, but an amazing experience. I cannot remember the last time we drove so much and slept so little. Slept in the car, on the floor, on seats, no sleep at all. But it was fun. I would do it any time again.

Being in a band is special. You are doing the things you love with your best friends. Broadway Killers is a team. A team that believe in the same values, ideas and music. Thank you guys for being so damn awesome.

Love, Jakob

Ps. Photo by Toenissen


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