Hell Yeah!

DSC_5922aHell yeah! That is the most fitting headline to this post. Two amazing shows in Frankfurt and Brussels wrapped up a fantastic weekend. Maybe the most memorable one in the history of our little group.

One thing is to be on tour with a band you admire and respect, like the case is with Bad Religion. Another thing is to visit great venues, play in front of big crowds and get the feeling that people like what they hear, though they never heard of Broadway Killers before. That feeling and the feeling of “pulling it off” is awesome.

Writing these words, I have to thank our crew – Mia, Kevin and Morten “Prisen”. Without you it would not be half as great and half as fun. So dear audience, when you stand in the crowd and enjoy the sound and light, do not forget to send Mia and Kevin a high five.

Finally… We can only hope that the places we visit and the people at the venues in Oslo, Lausanne, Utrecht and Berlin are just as friendly as people in Frankfurt and Brussels. We really enjoyed the stay.

Next up is Oslo, june 11th. We played well this weekend. We gave all we had and we will keep on giving the best we got. To down, four to go. Only four to go… unfortunately.

See you soon


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