Still alive!


Dear friends

No more radio silence. We are ready for the next chapter as we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. The recordings are done, and we are right now in the fase of mixing, finding the right sound for the album. We told you it would be a different record from our first one – and it will be. Everything from the songs, the sound, the producer and the studio have changed. In the process we did not want to live up to any style, genre or expectations. We did what felt right, always pushing to create something new.

Sebastian has as a person, producer and songwriter been a huge inspiration and opened our eyes to how a record can be made. Basically turning the whole thing upside down. To you it might sound like just another rock album, but to us it was a totally new experience.

So… when will it be released? We aim for a late summer release. This stage in the process is tricky. Some songs are done after the first mix. Others take four to five takes. We will of course keep you updated.

It feels amazing to finally tell you the news and get the machine going again. We cannot wait to let you hear the result. And to play them live.

Emil, Anders and Jakob

Ps. During the recordings both Sebastian and our dear guitarist Anders became fathers. Life!



In pre-production

We have started pre-production for the album, visiting the studio for the first time.

If you want to support the project, you can contribute on our Kickstarter page right HERE.

Kickstarter: New album!

Dear friends

We got some exciting news. We are making a new album. Next month we will hit the studio, and this time it will be different – new studio, new producer and 12 new songs.

To make it possible to enter the studio we desire and work with the producer we believe will take us the next step we need your help. We have have started a Kickstarter campaign and the goal is to raise enough money to work with producer, Sebastian Wolff. Sebastian is the singer, songwriter and producer of the band Kellermensch. He has a special sound and a great ear, which he has proven on records with The Floor Is Made Of Lava – one of our favorite Danish rockbands.

We hope for your support and will keep you updated on the project the next days and weeks. This is only the beginning.

Broadway Killers’ Kickstarter page:

Love, Jakob

Joining Bad Religion… Again again.


Even though we had a great time and felt we did a good job last time we supported Bad Religion. And even though they guys told us so – we never expected that we would get another chance to share stage with the band that meant so much to the music we love. Luckily we were wrong. Once again Bad Religion invited us on board and next weekend, the 14th and 15th of August 2015, we will join them for two Scandinavian gigs on their European tour.

August 14th: Voxhall (Aarhus, DK)
August 15th: KB Malmö (Malmö, SE)

Needless to say that it will be a blast and we are looking so much forward to it. Right now we are writing songs and planning 2016. This is the perfect kick-off for a new chapter in this little group’s history.

Love, Jakob

Flashback Friday

_MG_82552“Flashback Friday”. This is the very first band picture of us. Taken by Peter Svendsen outside Dead Rat Studio early 2011. At that time Broadway Killers was just a side project started by three friends that shared the same passion for the same kind of music. Four years later we have released three EPs, one album and played countless concerts in various countries with bands like Beatsteaks, Anti Flag and Bad Religion. We never ever expected this to happen when this picture was taken a spring day in May.

Today we hit the road once again to do what we love the most – playing live. We’re not a studio band, we’re a live band. In no way are we the biggest or most important band in the world and we will never be, however, that’s not why we started. We started Broadway Killers to play the music WE love. Being able to do that, get the experiences we get through our music and the fact that people sstill show up, buy or in some way enjoy what we do is enough. That’s pretty awesome. You should try it.

Comet Club (Berlin), FZW (Dortmund), Bloack 35 (Schleswig) and Cobra Bar (Hamburg) are coming up and we can’t wait to play a high energetic and honest rock show.

Soon I’ll meet up with the guys, jump in the three-person-front-seat-van, put on our tour-CDs and have the f*cking best time of my life. Again.

See you all out there!

May 8th: Comet Club (Berlin, DE)
May 9th: FZW (Dortmund, DE)
May 22nd: Block 35 (Schleswig, DE)
May 23rd: Cobra Bar (Hamburg)

German tour dates in May

20130705-Rockcamp2013-039-236Dear friends, we were longing for the stage and now our prayers have been heard. We are ready for a German comeback! Two weekends in May we visit these cities and venues:

May 8th: Comet Club (Berlin)
May 9th: FZW (Dortmund)May 22nd: TBA
May 23rd: Cobra Bar (Hamburg)

We cannot wait!

Love, Jakob

A new year, a new beginning

BROADWAY_KILLERS_2013_V0162014. An unbelievable year for our little group. First of all we joined our heroes, Bad Religion, on tour throughout Europe. Secondly, we released our debut album. And finally, we went on tour in the Gibson Tour Bus with Three Chord Society. I could stop right here and these four lines would describe what some bands fight for for a lifetime. We experienced it all in half a year… However, we move on. We have new dreams and ambitions.

2015. It has already begun and will kick start for real next Friday when we play our first concert this year in Copenhagen at UnderWerket. Furthermore, we have started writing songs for an EP that we will be recorded late summer/early autumn. We don’t know about the musical direction, but all have an idea about what we would like to do. How we would like to sound.

It’s been a while since you have heard from us, but we are still alive. Broadway Killers exists because of our friendship and we need it in our lives. One way or an other.

See you soon out there
Love, Jakob