The Red EP: One record – One video

The 22nd of April 2012 we released our third EP, “The Red EP”. It was these recordings that paved the way for the album we are about to release, because of the aggressive sound and catchy tunes. We didn’t really think about while writing and recording – it was more the feeling we had after hearing the songs for the first time that made it clear to us. We liked sound and the short, simple songs.

After the release of the EP we decided to make a one-shot-video for all four songs in a row. Just letting the record play. The video was shot in an elevator near our practice room with one camera by GotFat Productions. It was  simple, just like the songs. I guess that’s why we still think it was cool idea.

Shaking hands with Target Group Denmark

facebook_2Today we met up with the Target Group-team to plan the near future and settle a release date for the forthcoming album. Right now we are gathering all the info and material needed for the release – biography, video, artwork etc.

We will as soon as possible let you know when the album will be out, what songs it will contain and of course show the music video which is almost done.

Our feeling is that things are falling into place and we are excited about what is going to happen. It has taken some time – too long some might say – but we wanted to be sure that everything felt right before the album should hit the store. This is about to happen.

Best greetings

Heisskalt – Vom Stehen und Fallen

They just released their debut album. They are #29 on the German charts. We met them in the autumn of 2012 and been fans ever since. I’m talking about Heisskalt.

We played a gig together with the guys September 28th 2012 in a small club called FrapĂ© Club (Aalen, DE) and they blew us away. Not often do we meet bands who are talented, an awesome live band and so friendly as these guys. Their 2012 EP is always with us on tour. Our favorite songs were and are still “Bewegungsdrang” and “Decemberluft”. Yes, we are Danes, but are thrilled about German music.

We are excited to see Heisskalt succeed the way we they do. Congrats guys – we wish you the best of luck… and let’s play some gigs again soon.


Signing with Target Group Denmark


We are excited to announce that we signed with Target Group Denmark who will release our debut album mid August 2014. Though we have been quiet about the band, we have been preparing the release for while, we just didn’t want to bring you any news till everything was confirmed.

It is a great feeling knowing that the album will hit stores, iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, TDC Play and other online services with the help of Target Group.

More info about release date, tours and single/video release will come soon.

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